Great Windows Budget Room Design Ideas

PAINT - Nothing makes a larger impact on a room than changing the color of the walls. Nothing changes the environment, feel, and tone of a room more than color. Whether it be an earthy neutral, a white with a hint of yellow, a stately gray or a bold saffron orange color sets the mood for each room in your home.
Your own personal style should always dictate your decorating decisions and this is the same case for color. If warm tones of orange, reds, or chocolates soothe you and make it feel like home wrap your walls in these colors. Just remember it's easier to change out particular elements within a room than to paint when you get tired of a color!
MIRRORS - Mirrors are a great way to add light and reflection to your interiors. Consider a long mirror (or two) propped against the wall with a great frame to change the look of a room.
MOVE FURNITURE - Think of ways to reconfigure a space. Having your sofas, tables or shelves simply lining walls creates no interest in a room. Make a small seating area within the main living room by grouping two chairs opposite a settee for an intimate gathering area. If you don't have a large living room make the most entertaining worthy space by placing your large sofa opposite two comfortable chairs with another chair on the side and a table at the end. Think of closing the space in to create intimacy.
THROWS or TABLE RUNNERS - Change out a throw on a couch to add a splash of color. Adding a table runner does the same thing.
FRUIT - Always keep a glass bowl in your main living space filled with seasonal fruit. Lemons, limes for spring and summer make the rooms feel refreshing in the heat. While apples, small pumpkins make a room feel warmer in the fall. Add the color of a bouquet of flowers with fruit at much less the cost plus, they last a lot longer!
OLD GLASSWARE - Have some old tea cups, stem ware from grandma, high ball glasses with gold edging? Repurpose them around your home to add color, or reflect light in any room. Old teacups have great patterns and color and can be used to hold potpourri in the powder room. Stemware or cocktail glasses can be used to hold single stemmed flowers in dining or living rooms.
PILLOWS - What could be more versatile or inviting then pillows. They can be changed out cheaply and easily to match any season. Pile them on a couch, chair or daybed and you've added the punch that textiles can lend a room. Patterns or solids, fur, linen or velvet pillowcases transform a space and a seating area.
ODDS - In order to create more of a visual interest always decorate in odds as opposed to evens. When adding elements above the mantel do so with three items as opposed to four, it's much more visually interesting.
BOOKS AS END TABLES - Are you an avid reader? Pile up those hardcover books at the end of your sofa and place a tray on top. All the cover artwork adds color and creates interest and is a great alternative to that boring end table.