How To Measure A Window

  • 1. Visualize the windows you want to create. Keep in mind both your aesthetic wishes and your practical needs when you choose from vertical blinds, window shutters, cornices, and more.

  • 2. The key to beautiful windows is to measure for window treatments accurately, so use a high-quality steel tape measure; never a wood or cloth tape measure.

  • 3. For inside-mount blinds, give exact measurements, deductions for fit will be taken at the Great Windows' factory.

  • 4. For each shade, note the width measurement first, then the height. To ensure accuracy, measure window treatments width-first (we will take your orders width-first).

  • 5. For inside-mount blinds, measure for window treatments at the top, middle, and bottom of each window frame and give us the narrowest measurement, rounded down to 1/8". When you measure for window treatments, remember to account for locks, knobs, and other hardware that can affect the way blinds and window shutters will hang.

  • 6. Be sure to label each window treatment ("Kitchen", "Bedroom", etc.) in the Great Windows shopping cart.

  • 7. If you've got a truly unique window challenge, please call customer service at 866-497-3001. We'll walk you through a solution and help you measure for window treatments.