Fresh Looks


Trends are always interesting to take in with each season. Many times they can help in obtaining a direction and even identifying what you don't like. While there is always a buzz around the latest trends it's the classics that are timeless and never dated. That's why when decorating it's important to keep to the classics. If a current fashion grabs you, try incorporating it in small doses so you can easily remove those items from your décor.


Start with a base color- a neutral creates a soothing backdrop to life. Then surround yourself with things that have meaning for you. Add textural elements ...contrast...the velvets of winter, the baskets of summer and spring, the jewel toned throws of winter, the fur pieces sitting in mom's closet now modified into throws and pillows...the reliable comfort of white cotton. Make your home your sanctuary- a retreat from the turmoil of life outside.

When determining your interiors, it's always best to work from your own personal style. Remember, you have to live with your choices. Beautiful red living rooms and dark chocolate bedrooms can be striking but would you want to live with them everyday? Stick with the classics, trust yourself and your instincts. After all, interiors are really just an extension of you, your sensibilities and your life.

Classic Trends


- Homemade is about nature- browns and greens that create almost an "outside in feel". Add contrast with creams and off whites. Texture is the main element in this surround- different types of materials that bring nature inside. Add a sepia photo of a landscape to complete.


- Design and decorate in subtle tones to create your retreat from the outside world. Soothing earth inspired colors to create a serene, peaceful and happy environment.


- Gray is still hot yet it is a timeless gorgeous neutral. Wonderfully paired with a pop of saffron or a spiced orange or quietly demure with white trim.


- Responsible living requires us to seek out green products or products that are energy efficient.

Uniquely Me

- This classic is eclectic and personalized approach to design. This style is a re-emergence of southern California where furniture and décor is mixed and matched to suit the homeowner. Showcase treasures that are found 'along the way' throughout your home.