How To Install Panel Tracks

A. Getting Started
The Parts: Before getting started, please remove and identify the following parts required for the installation of your shades:
B. The Tools
To install your Great Windows Panel Track, you will need a few basic tools:
  • Phillips head screwdriver* or
  • 1/4" nut Driver*
*Power screwdriver or power drill with a #2 Phillips attachment or 1/4" nut driver attachment may be used.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Screws provided are for installation into wooden frames only. For metal surfaces, use suitable sheet metal screws and pre-drill holes. For concrete, stone, brick, or tile, use a carbide drill and appropriate anchors and screws. For wallboard or plaster, use hollow wall anchors and/or longer screws to reach framing or stud. In all cases, follow the fastener manufacturer's recommendations.
C. Sorting Your Blinds
Inside the headrail of your Great Windows Panel Track, there is a sorting label. This appears as seen at right:

On this label, you will recognize:

  • Order size of the blind
  • Room location (If not present, info not given at time of order)
  • Whether the blind was ordered for inside mount (IB) or Outside mount (OB)
D. Bracket Installation
Inside & Ceiling Mount
  1. The installation brackets should be positioned 4" in from the edge of the window frame on each side. The 2 and 3 panel Panel Track requires a minimum 2 3/4" of space between the hole in the bracket and the window or nearest obstruction.
  1. *The 4 and 5 panel Panel Track requires 3-5/8� depth. Make sure the installation brackets are aligned with one another and install with the screws provided. If installing the optional valance upgrade, proceed to Section G. If not, proceed to Section H.
Outside Mount
  1. Center the headrail over the window opening at the desired height. Mark the position of the ends of the headrail on the wall. Attach the extension brackets to the wall 4" inches in from the marks making sure the extension brackets are level with each other. Using the short screws and nuts provided, attach the installation brackets to the extension brackets.
  1. If installing the optional valance upgrade, proceed to Section G. If not, proceed to Section H.

E. Installing Headrail Into Brackets
  1. With brackets installed and aligned with one another, place the headrail onto the brackets. The bracket arms may have to be rotated slightly to allow the headrail to fully engage the brackets. Start in the center and push the headrail straight up into the brackets. Rotate the bracket arms to the closed position. Proceed to Section F.
F. Installing the Panels
  1. Pull forward on the bottom of the front carrier and push back on the bottom of the carrier behind it. Slide the back carrier from behind the front carrier (Figure 1). Perform this same operation on all of the carriers until they are all independent from one another. This step will make it much easier to install the panels onto the Velcro� strips.
  1. Align the Velcro� strip on the back of the panel with the Velcro� strip on the front carrier. Start at one end and press the Velcro� together (Figure 2). As you move toward the opposite end of the carrier, keep pressing the Velcro� together for a secure attachment.
  1. Install each additional panel in the same manner as the first.
  1. For Woven Wood Panels: Insert the brass screw post through the hole in the back of the carrier. Insert the screw in the front of the panel and attach the two pieces together (Figure 2). Tighten using a flat head screwdriver. Install the brass screws on all panels.
  1. With all of the panels installed, put all of the carriers back to their original position (Figure 3). Follow the same procedure as given in Step 1 to put the panels back in place.
G. Installing the Valance
Solar/Industria Sheer Panel Tracks
For outside mount and inside mount, simply take the continuous valance, and affix to the Velcro� located on the head rail (Figure 1). Proceed to Section H.

Woven Wood Panel Tracks
For outside mount and inside mount, simply take the valance and affix to the Velcro� located on the headrail (Figure 2). Proceed to Section H.
H. Cord Tensioner Installation essential for child safety
  1. Lower the shading. Choose one of the three installation methods shown to position the tension device on the window frame or the wall so that the tension device and the control cord do not interfere with shade operation.
  1. The control cord must be taut but still operable. Do not allow for any slack. Do not twist or cross the control cord.
Child Safety
At Great Windows child safety is first. All of our products are fitted with the highest quality components that provide the most complete safety measures in the industry. Our Panel Tracks are finished with continuous loop cord systems that are anchored along the window. The use of this device is intended to significantly reduce occurrence of injuries.
Cleaning and Care
Dusting Hand-Held Vacuum Compressed Air Hair Dryer Spot Cleaning Water Immersion Ultrasonic Cleaning
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