Premium Quality Wood Blinds

All Great Windows wood blinds are custom constructed to each window's specifications and never cut from pre-assembled stock blinds.

Each of our premium wood blinds is hand assembled in our own factory, using the finest hardwoods and furniture grade finishes. Listed below are a few of the features we build into our premium wood blinds that enhance their aesthetics and functionality:

Low Profile Headrail - all of our Great Windows wood blinds utilize "low-profile" headrails to reduce the headrail height. A low profile headrail when compared to a "standard" profile headrail improves aesthetics by raising the slats to a higher position that tucks further under the valance, reducing visible light gaps and visibility to the headrail underside. A low profile headrail configuration will generally have one additional wood slat, in essence adding more wood to the overall area of the product.

Wedge Bottom Rail - our Great Windows Premium wood blinds utilize a "wedge" shaped bottom rail. A wedge shaped bottom rail when compared to a standard "flat" bottom rail is less resistant to rotation when resting on a windowsill. The profile of the rail allows for greater conformity with the slat position creating more uniformity of closure from top to bottom. By rotating with the slats a wedge shaped bottom rail reduces or eliminates the gap that is typical between the bottom slat and the bottom rail, when the blind is rotated to the closed position.

Custom Return Sizes - if we provide your measure and installation services, all of our wood blinds come standard with custom size valance returns, regardless of whether the application is inside or outside mounted. Every wood blind is provided with a specific size valance return that is guaranteed to rest neatly against the window's millwork or wall, completely covering any exposed mounting hardware. Additionally all returns are glued rather than bracketed for seamless, furniture quality joining.

Notched Headrails - all of our "outside mounting" wood blinds are provided with a slightly reduced headrail width (relative to slat size) that allows for the aesthetic superiority of full coverage of window trim and easier insertion into installation brackets.