Premium Quality Honeycomb Shades

All Great Windows' honeycomb shades are custom fabricated to each window's specifications, and are never cut to size from pre-assembled stock shades.

Each of our premium honeycomb shades is assembled in our own factory, using the finest rails, components and fabrics. The industry's leading vendor of high quality honeycomb materials provides all of our honeycomb fabrics. As a result all of our fabrics are extensively tested to ensure top performance for durability, ultra-violet protection, energy efficiency, and conformity to rigid specifications for consistency and trueness of glue lines and cell configurations. Listed below are a few of the features we build into our premium honeycomb shades that enhance their aesthetics, functionality and durability:

Rails and Hardware - Standard rails are extruded from aluminum to a low profile configuration that is consistent with the very small stacking characteristics of these shades. Optional Easylift rails are recommended for large shades and provide looped cords. The cord locks, rail end caps and rails for standard shades are color matched or color coordinated to the fabric.

Fabric - Fabric is 100% spun bond polyester. Characteristics of the fabric include resistance to ultra-violet breakdown, high levels of ultra-violet protection, stain resistance, and straight and consistent glue lines.