Great Windows Building a Window

Covering your windows is a great way to add layers, lines and textures to a room. Whether you choose to keep the lines elegant and simple or be more dramatic a window treatment can tie together the design you are trying to achieve.
A great choice - our natural roman shades. Woven woods are a great way to add texture and depth to your interiors. Natural bamboo dowels, grasses and reeds work to bring the outside-in. Choose a bamboo woven wood for windows in a room with neutral walls to anchor the room. Natural romans can also provide that contrast that you are searching for providing the backdrop for your other interiors.

Other techniques in building out a window is to pair contrasts together. Our wood cornices present a beautiful contrast when placed over a soft treatment. The strong lines and high profile of our cornice facades are a striking contrast against Savannah shadings (as seen in the photo to the right). Of course our cornices look great with hard treatments and take on a more masculine feel when paired with a covering like wood blinds.

Finally, a common 'trick of the trade' to add height to a window is to mount the product above the window trim. When mounting a blind or shade above the window casement, simply add 6 inches to the height and mount 6 inches above the trim work. This will give the appearance of a larger more dramatic window. To further elongate a window, add fabric panels and hardware and be sure to mount the hardware higher than the shade/blind.